Monday, 19 November 2012

Custom Built Autocannons

In the name of more dakka, I've decided to put together some kit-bashed  autocannons for my Chaos Havocs. My reasons for building these my self is 2-fold. First, the Havoc box only has one autocannon, and I'm looking for 8 of these puppies. Second, the autocannon in the Havoc box is technically actually a reaper autocannon, not a standard autocannon (some fluff justification to make myself feel better about it). Since I've got a bucket load of spare terminator assault cannons, I figured this would be a good place to start.

With the terminator arm as a start, I chopped off the assault cannon barrel and the terminator arm, and carved out a space for a regular space marine arm.

I then took a regular bolter space marine arm, and chopped of the hand, preferably close to the hand to give more plastic to work with when trying to align the arm to the gun.

For the autocannon barrel I got some styrene tubing, cut to taste. My goal here was to try mimic the Predator autocannon barrel to a certain extent.

Here are all the bits together to form the autocannon:

Of course, before mounting the barrel we need to drill a hole in the gun to secure the styrene barrel.

And the final product, add detailing to taste. I still need to cut some vent slits into the end on the barrel, but I'm still deciding if I'm happy with the length of the barrel.

And there we have it, custom built autocannons!