Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Infestation Log - Part 1

A quick update on the progress of my Ork infestation. After a few delays, I've managed to get the basic colours on 5 of da boyz. I got distracted and started messing with the skin colour, but managed to stop myself after putting a wash on the first one.

While these Boyz are finished to standard of the current goal, they are not complete by any stretch. At a later stage I'll revisit all the models in this project to add shading, highlighting, and clan markings.

 This is the next batch of Boyz, undercoated and ready for some colour.

This is my slightly converted Warboss (with his pet squig, Skrat), also ready for some colour.

 Here is my converted Kustom Force Field Big Mek.

And lastly, my Painboy. No conversions here.

As a side note, I take a slightly different approach when undercoating character models. I prime the models grey, then put a black wash over the entire model. This picks out all the details quite nicely so I can paint the details more carefully.

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  1. nice idea with the grey primer and black wash. will have to make use of that myself