Friday, 15 March 2013

Infestation Log - Part 2

Due too delays (not entirely unexpected), I have fallen short of my rather ambitious target to get a small group of orks painted to a basic state. I am still slowly trudging along and have managed to get some paint onto the models, so I thought I'd put up a small update.

These are the next seven boyz to come off the painting table. The 3 character models that I posted last time are about halfway there, so hopefully I can post them up soon.

The next six boyz with their Nob have been undercoated, and are ready to for some colour.

Side note: You may notice that I've got the models propped on small stands. These are to give me something to grab onto while painting. The observant among you may notice that some are standing on plastic Coca Cola bottle lids. I find these are the perfect size for the 25mm bases. I've also scrounged some lids off milk cartons, which are a perfect size for the 40mm bases.

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  1. Looking forward to the first squad rolling into battle....