Friday, 22 January 2016

The State of 40K and Me

So, it's been a long time since I've done anything on this blog. I have been doing a far bit of hobby work lately, so I am looking at reviving this corpse of a blog. I think a fitting start is addressing the relationship between 40K and myself.

Other distractions in life have meant that I've spent very little time in the past year building models, painting, or evening playing games of 40K. So far this year I've got a fair bit into painting and decided I need to get my head back into the game. Having started to brush up again on rules, and getting a game in, I've come to realize that there are aspects of this game now which I consider to be broken, and which removes much of the fun of the game for me.

At the end of the day the point in the hobby is to have fun, so if I'm not having fun then something is very wrong. This leaves me with a choice of 2 options. First, I could call it day and say that the game is no longer fun and retire from playing 40K. Second, I could figure out everything that I dislike about the game, and re-rule them to something more sensible and only play against people willing to accept the rulings.

The first option presents the problem that I don't really want to write off the hobby due to what has already been invested in it. The second option presents the problem that finding players that will be happy with the way I've ruled my games. Having said that, if an opponent is not interested in letting me have fun in my hobby then they're probably not worth playing against anyway. So it appears the second option is the way forward for me, the only thing left is to figure out where the problems are and define some sensible solutions.

Unfortunately one of the first decisions being made here is dismissing the Eldar codex as a possible opponent. I feel that the book is poorly written, and breaks too many core rules for non Eldar players to have fun against. So until a more sensibly written Eldar codex emerges, I'm afraid our Eldar players will not be facing me on the tabletop.

The second big rule to address is destroyer weapons. This is a rule I feel really doesn't belong in games of vanilla 40K in it's current state. The 6th edition rule set had a semi elegant solution to using D weapons in vanilla 40K, which was to make all D weapons count as strength 10 instead. I think this is far more balanced than the current rule, so going forward I think I may be employing this rule.

Going on from there, I will be compiling a brief rule document which I will present to a potential opponent. After having a read through, they can then decide whether they feel it's fair and are willing to play. If they don't agree, well then I'll just play against else who actually wants to have a fun game.

I realize that this may lead to me being labelled an elitist player, but if it leads to more fun games for me and my opponents, then I shall wear that badge proudly.


  1. Good to see you blogging again! Nicely written and elegantly stated!

    and with that i now mock you! You suck!

    Ok but seriously, I understand that no one really wants to play a game that they lose constantly at. And yes the Eldar Rules seem a little over powered (see disgustingly over powered), but if we take into consideration that almost every army (except orks and tyranids) have their own element which can be seen as overpowered. Yes there is no balance to the game, but setting a primer by which everyone who wants to play against you must stand might just mean that you don't play against anyone who likes the free for all nature of the game. And currently thats a lot of people.'

    don't get me wrong, i hate eldar. I just don't feel you need to go so far as not playing against them. Ever.

    And destroyer weapons work. there are more than enough over powered saves and strategies to deal with them in the game.

  2. If I'm not going to enjoy the game, then there is not point in me playing. While there may be the odd powerful unit (not stretching to say overpowered) in various armies, Eldar is by far drowning in units that can possibly labelled as overpowered.

    If me deciding on limitations of games I play means I only ever get to play against 2 or 3 players, then so be it. At least I know I'll enjoy the game. Fortunately, most people seem to not be fielding anything over the top, so I doubt I will be limiting myself too much.

    As for the D, well. That is a whole can of worms in itself. When a 55 point unit has the potential to wipe a 400 point super-heavy off the table in 1 shot, there is something wrong.